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Authors >> Michael Perrotta


​is an American writer of Italian origins.

His previous profession, linked to international trade, led him to travel and live in Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Switzerland. Alongside his passion for literature, he also privately cultivates interests in sculpture and painting.


After having lived most of his life in Manhattan, today he divides his time between Rome and Hollywood, CA.

Michael Perrotta

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Available in English and Italian versions


UNDER THE SYCAMORES begins with Emilia remembering a time when she was completely free.
This romance novel flows fast and inexorably like the calm waters of a river – but only on its surface. The author narrates marvelously, the apparent explosions of conflicting feelings from a woman (Emilia) trying to be fulfilled with her own life – then finding herself in need of love, fortuitously meets Nicholas – the destiny is the heartfelt love story of two “twin-souls” who share forbidden love and ultimately must find a way to life’s own course.

Emilia takes the steps down to the bottom of her heart, of her life and of all the lost passions… to find the courage to
be true to herself.

“…I love hearing what is in your heart, Emilia… Like a hungry lioness ripping the flesh off the cracked bones of her prey to
feed her cub… You have so much courage... Much more than me.”

Novel: 295pp
Price: US$ 19.95
Published: First published August 2012 Is now being published by us in its revised edition, May 2020
Available Formats: Soft-Cover & E-book
Rights sold: USA (Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC.)
Rights available: World, all languages and territories, Film/TV, digital/audio/media.


“A novel is always like a big “painting” of life. If Michael Perrotta were a painter, UNDER THE SYCAMORES would be a splendid neoclassical painting. One who knows all the thousand different hues of a woman’s soul, is carefully offering every detail with love to those who worship nature with all their forms. Where fantasy ends and autobiographical aspects begin – the author doesn’t reveal to us. But it’s easy for the reader to acknowledge the great capacity Michael has in his welding them to perfection in this novel." 

​                                                                                                                                                                                             Dott. Giuseppe Sardini

“We are thrilled to publish Michael Perrotta';s UNDER THE SYCAMORES (also available in Italian), He is a narrator capable of instantly capturing the reader with smooth and realistic prose, rigorously describing the emotions of the characters also in their psychological aspects. ‘His writing is always tender, even when he tackles erotic themes bringing it to such a point of romanticism and elegance, only understood by gentlemen from Southern Italy from an almost forgotten era.’

He is an author of contemporary fiction, certainly one, with a wonderful narrative voice"

Bellucci, Palms &Carmichael Publishing LLC.

The Old Seagull & the Tide-walker

Available in ItalianEnglish, Spanish, French versions

theoldseagulilvecchiogabbianoelvejonuova copertinabpc

The reader will find in the novel THE OLD SEAGULL & THE TIDE- WALKER a spiritual imprint, an energy that draws inspiration from nature and deepens itself in a book full of lived lives, in which the continuous construction between passions and responsibilities emerge.

After retirement, Mick fosters the decision to chase a desire that due to his circumstantial routine, work commitments and family duties had long been suppressed. He felt life had passed him by.

He moves to Southern California to conquer a new found freedom and resurrect the dream that had gnawed him since his youth: to be an artist. Despite his efforts, no color seems to settle on the blank canvas in front of him until one day he meets a special friend.

The book deals with important topics such as loneliness, old age and to
fulfill unrealized dreams. The reflection comes to incorporate that spirit
of youth, always alive in each of us, regardless of age. With a simple but profound and introspective narrative, Michael Perrotta describes the relationship that is established between an old seagull and a frail, stolid elderly man. Novels are like great paintings. In this delightful narrative canvas, a thousand shades of words mix together to represent a "true" friendship in all its many facets.

Novel: Romantic Drama, Fiction 69pp

Price: US$ 9.95

Published:  Prima pubblicazione 2013 - Edizione aggiornata, 2017

Available formats: Soft-Cover & E-book

Rights Sold: USA (Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC.)

Rights Avaliable: World, all languages and territories, Film/TV, digital/audio/media.

“I don’t want to live in a small world anymore!”
“Good, then do as you choose… live how you want to live.” 

The Wedding Dress in Pink Ostrich Feathers

Available in English and Italian Versions


Veronica awakens and in a state of angst, questions her marriage.

This erotic love story is told in her own voice where she disrobes her emotional weaknesses. Then faces new and dreaded decisions bringing her to an inevitable love-affair oscillating her between Madrid and Manhattan.

Romance Novel
Price: (Eur) 22,04
Published: 2020
Available Formats: Soft-Cover & E-book
Rights sold: USA (Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC.)
Rights available: World, all languages and territories, Film/TV, digital/audio/media.

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