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OLIVER SIMS is a native Californian.


His passion for film and television led him to attend San Francisco State University where he earned a BA degree in Communication and Broadcasting.

​He wrote for the award winning newspaper, The Sacramento Observer Publications in the section “Music and Entertainment Scene.”


In 2011 he retired from NBC Universal in Burbank,
CA. as Director of Television Distribution.

oliver sims



death is not always silent

A fictional crime novel, "Death is not Always Silent" reveals the story and tribulation of Detectives Leon Sicardo and James McCooly.
Leon leaves Colombia, and “his” Sophia, due to the terrorist activities of FARC. With bitterness he has to uproot and then create a new life for himself in America; the land of opportunity.


James an African-American, having believed in a new freedom taking place at home, after coming back from Vietnam, finds that “his” dream had been shattered.
Bonded together, through the same ironed-willed determination they fight drug trafficking, murder and crime cartels. Eventually promoted to the International Fugitive Apprehension Liaison Unit, they are able to make a difference in a biased, prejudiced and many times confrontational society.
Ultimately each finds “his” own separate fate.

Aavailable in English version

Crime Novel: Fictional 308pp

Price: US$ 19.95

Published: September 2019 

Languages: English

Formats: Soft-cover & E-book 

Rights sold: USA

Rights available: World, all languages and territories, Film/ TV, digital/audio/media.

 “Don’t ever make fun of death.”​

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“We are thrilled to be publishing Oliver Sim’s crime-novel on our list. He is a talented crime storyteller and is able to instantly capture the reader with realistic detective dialogue and is rigorous in describing the characters’ feelings and the landscape they live through.

Oliver Sims is certainly a contemporary fiction writer with the most un-derstanding of the actual realistic backdrop of detectives’ lives and of the criminal minds.” – Michael Perrotta, Senior Editor at:                        



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