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She first graduates in Classical Literatures and then in Modern Philology.


She cultivates an interest for Humanistic Matters and the study and passion for Music. She has taken courses in Piano and then in Opera Singing, graduating from the Conservatorio of Benevento and dedicating herself to further her research in the trends that influence drama in Italian and foreign literature.​

michela mercuri




A collection of fictional short-stories, “Quattro Passi Oltre la Porta”, reveals the tales and tribulations of the most diverse characters; from mythical and magical beings to local folk tales.

Chapter 1: The Anonymous Messenger of the Libray – A story about hope.
Chapter 2: Piano’s Surprise – Crime story.
Chapter 3: Mazzamauriello – Based on a folktale.
Chapter 4: Dear Jeanette – Inspired from the lives of the musical family: the Mozart’s.
Chapter 5: Endless – At times love has no end.
Chapter 6: I Have Been Denied the Stars – Always remaining to be the king of the jungle.
Chapter 7: I Want to be a Soprano – Believing in being someone, based on the wealthy American Florence Foster Jenkins.
Chapter 8: The Curse of the Disease – Alzheimer’s knocks on the door.
Chapter 9: The Founding of Antroica – Futuristic sci-fi story.
Chapter 10: Four Steps between the Earth and Hades – Stepping over the doorsill into a mythical under-world.
Chapter 11: Beyond the Door – Overstepping the door between real and migical worlds.

These stories are bonded together by Ms. Mercuri’s very vivid
imagination. Ultimately each story finds that unexpected unique ending.

Availablee in Enslish and Italian versions

Short-Stories: Fiction 94pp:
Price € 11.95
Published: May 2020
Laguages: English/ Italian
Formats: Soft-cover; E-book
Rights sold: USA (Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC.)
Rights Available: World, all
languages and territories,
Film/TV, digital/audio/media.

“In the deep darkened blanket of the night,
enclosed in that square opening created at the
top of the circus tent, countless stars shine and
illuminate, with their lights and their magic,
the life of every living thing.”

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“We are thrilled to be publishing Michela Mercuri’s collection of short- stories on our list. She is a talented storyteller being able to instantly capture the reader by weaving her stories with an extreme imagination.
Creating character, who at times are everyday people, at other times in science-fiction setting but most of all she takes us in the world of magic.
Michela Mercuri is certainly a contemporary fiction writer with the most understanding of the actual realistic backdrop in making us live those magic worlds as if they were real.”


Michael Perrotta, Senior Editor at:
Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing LLC

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