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Carolina Rivera Escamilla lives in Los Angeles, California.

A Fellow of Pen America Emerging Voices, her first book of short stories, entitled "…after…" was published in 2015 (World Stage Press). 

Born in El Salvador, Rivera Escamilla
is a bilingual writer, and educator, who is currently writing a novel.​

Carolina R. Escamilla


in a corner_cover_ebook

In a Corner of Your Country

The result of almost twenty years of work, some of this poetry is intentionally written for theatrical performance, as realized initially by the poet herself. "In these poems, I explore the feeling of space and time, the burden of memory in the neither here nor there, as linked to displacement, exile, and emigration, with women and children as protagonists.”

"You are pouring red moons,
flowers of fire.
In your hair you
carry the light.

Your hearts in your bellies,
souls in your fists,
you were never driven away
by a sunless dawn"

Available in English versions

Poetru: 69 pp:
Price US$ 9.99
Published: May 2020
Available languages: English
Available formats: Paperback; Kindle
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