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Alexis Jade, raised a little bit of everywhere in Southern California now resides in Los Angeles where she enjoys anything outdoors as it is the place that inspires her the most. 


She hopes that through travel and the gift of poetry, she can inspire hearts to find their deepest purest desires through a raindrop or a wind gust. 


She believes nature is our greatest guiding force in a world with many paths. And the path is always illuminated in the brightness of the sun or in the shimmer of the moon.



Window Diaries


Alexis Jade’s collection of fascinating poems, “Window Diaries,” reveals the passions and tribulations of a young poet. Being a traveler at heart, her poetry captures the essence of what can be felt when experiencing new horizons and encountering different people. 


In her own words:

“Window Diaries is an addition to the collection of art in all forms. A reminder that our home has everything to give.


From storms to sunny days, both graciously grow us. Committed to creating a longer living Earth for generations to bask in.


May the sun always shine in their faces and the trees continue to protect them. May the moon guide them and the wind lift them higher and higher.

With words I hope to create a beautiful, protected, loving landing place for their arrival. May they enter a world filled with calm, joy, and compassion. 


To this, my life’s work, I dedicate.” 

Heaven on Earth


“From the stars I was born.

  Like water, I flow.

  Like trees, I grow.

  On Earth I was formed.

  Thank you.

  Now all in love I will adorn.” 

Poetry 57pp
Price: $ 9,99
Published: April 2024
Avaliable formats: Soft-Cover
Rights sold: USA
(Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC)

Rights available: World, all languages and territories, Film/TV, digital/audio/media.


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“We are thrilled to be publishing Alexis Jade’s collection of poems. We are proud to have her on our list of authors. She is a talented young poet being able to instantly capture the reader by weaving her poems with an extreme vivid imagination. She creates poems about everyday occurrences, at times about life’s journeys and at other times, about the eternal quest: love. Alexis Jade is certainly a contemporary poet with and understanding of a realistic backdrop of life – making us live it through these poems.”     


Michael Perrotta, Senior Editor at:
Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing LLC

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