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Born in Bergen County, New Jersey. After receiving a degree in Finance from Fairfield University, CT, Anthony worked in Manhattan for a leading firm on Wall Street.

Shortly after, he joined several Italian companies with offices in NYC.
In 2014 he attended Fairfield University to earn a MFA in Creative Writing.

Reserved, humorous, loyal until the end, both in friendship and kinship, he has left an endearing memory to all who have met him…

but most of all he was a great friend.

Anthony A.





We’re sure that the reader will find in the novel ME & McCOY part of their own young-life’s experiences.


A coming-of-age novel centered on two young boys growing-up in New Jersey, and the misadventures they undertake during their last days of summer before starting High-School.


Told through a series of humorous and nostalgic stories that build upon each other to a cohesive and poignant conclusion, as the two young heroes reach the thresholds of childhood and friendship.


The book deals with important poignant topics such as everlasting friendship, loss of a sibling and trying to fulfill unrealized dreams.


Anthony’s reflections come to incorporate that spirit of youthfulness always alive in each of us, regardless of age.
With profound and introspective narrative, Anthony Perrotta describes the instinctive relationship that is established between young friends.


In this delightful novel, a thousand shades of words mix together to represent a "true" friendship in all its many facets until the end.


The boundaries between fantasy and autobiographical elements are hazy and blurred. The author never revealed to us in which persona his past is hidden in.

Soon available also in Italian version

Fiction: Coming-of-age, 237pp

Price: US$ 19.95

Published: 2017

Available Formats: Soft-Cover & E-book

Rights sold: USA

(Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC.)

Rights available: World, all languages and territories, Film/TV, digital/audio/media.

“Those summers we shared were full of high-jinx and low morals.

But the truth be told, nobody ever looks back on their life and remembers the nights they went to bed early and got plenty of sleep.”

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“We take great pride in publishing Anthony A. Perrotta's ME & McCOY. The author painstakingly described the emotions and thoughts of the protagonists with a fluid and realistic prose capable of instantly capturing the reader. He has left us too soon, but he will be with us in spirit since the Estate of Anthony A. Perrotta has given our publishing house the exclusive rights to his extensive body of works. In contemporary fiction, Anthony had a humorous and literary sensitivity capable by only a few, it was full of sincere deep feelings and was certainly one, with a wonderful deep heartfelt voice, which still whispers to us." 

                                                                                                                     Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing LLC

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